Cleanliness and hygiene are important in industrial facilities. Metrowide deliver cleaning and maintenance services that cover all facets of industrial needs and we can deliver these services on a contract, on-demand or casual basis. Our customer service solutions work around our industrial clients making sure that your business is not impacted. We run a fully flexible and resourceful team that can accommodate in all types of industrial services including:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution and fulfilment centres
  • Transportation terminals and depots
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Internal mail sorts and distribution facilities


Complex and diverse needs can be met for all industrial applications including end to end services. We can assist you in maintaining floors (Including hardwood, vinyl, marble, tile and carpets), parking lots, gardening as well as administration and shared facilities i.e. restrooms and kitchens. We can provide a comprehensive scope of works that details all duties that need to be undertaken and when these duties can be performed, from every day dusting to factory floor resealing once a month. Metrowide work with our customers to create a cleaning profile with no hidden extra’s to help our customers garner a full outlook of their requirements and rate how important they are. We will work with you to create a service plan to suit your business.